Building a Firm Foundation Of Repentance

Building a strong foundation in repentance requires an individual to look at themselves and realize they are out-of-order. When the sin has been acknowledged repentance will come. Repentance means that an individual turn away from the sin he or she has committed and never repeats that act again

In the story with King David and Bathsheba it took the Lord to shutting David out before he realized he was wrong II Samuel 11. Once David recognized the sin he repented.

After spending time with Jesus Zaccheus repented and offered to repay what he had taken Luke 19. Mary Magdalene understood right from the start that she was out-of-order and according to the law should have been stoned but when she repented Jesus came to her defense John 11.

Having a repentive heart is essential and necessary for the growth of a Christian person.  Repentance puts you back in right standing with God and removes all barriers that prevent you from getting a prayer through to God. . When was the last time you repented? Are you repenting on a regular basis? If not this is a good time to start. It says in Psalms 95:8 today if you will hear his voice and harden not your heart.

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