Prophetic Word

Prophetic word  9-23-2010

The word of the Lord came to me this morning and I wanted to share with you what he said. "I am opening the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings until they over flow. It is up to you to receive them. I am making every crooked place straight. It is not my will that any man perish but have life and have life with abundance. Because you have prayed I am breaking the bands of the wicked I am destroying the hand of satan. It is so….. I am building a kingdom that is for those who walk up rightly and those that obey my word. Now is the set time to hear what I am saying intently for you are in the right place. Open now your ears for I will speak in unison through my leadership everyone will say the same thing no more division. It is I that have done this. It is my will that everyone come in line. Do as I say in these next few months and I will show you great and might things Listen Listen Listen  Faith replaces fear no more fear I only work in faith believe on me as the scripture said  I am the Way the Truth and Life. You have prayed earnestly and I will perform it for you. This is my vow to my Sons. Whatever you want it is yours now….. I am releasing Angels now to perform these task". Said the Lord 


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