Intercessor 4 Christ

My name is Artra Gray and I been living for the Lord since I was 14 years old. The Lord called me into intercessory prayer more than 10 years ago. I have been praying for others for many years and the Lord spoke to me and said that the internet will be here and more people spend a great deal of time on the internet. It’s time to go where the people are. From this I was given a charge to pray on the internet. This blog will be strictly to pray for the nations and the world. I have several acheivements. I have been ordained as a Prophetess. Prayer and the gift of healing are my talents and gifts I have to offer the body of Christ. My educational background is in Medicine and Business Administration

of which I have degrees.I am married to Prophet Patrick Gray and have 2 wonderful step children Patrick and Jasmine. My main purpose is to glorify God and to reach God for others as well as to share the Lord Christ Jesus.

You may join me on Saturday morning at 6:00am


2 thoughts on “Intercessor 4 Christ

  1. You may not rememeber me but this is Cliff. You are probably wondering why I never called your show again. Well, the reason is because you or your husband never called me tp pray for me after you asked if it it was alright to call me back off the air. I know you get busy with the work and I do not bug people, but I thought it was best to release the pain by not calling your show again. You have a blessed day.

    • Hi Cliff,
      I apologize for this but we did try and call and got no answer. I feel bad that things turned out this way however if you still need to talk you may call 262-880-8328 this is my husbands phone number. The show is still on and the Lord is blessing many people don’t let the devil stop you from being blessed. This is his job to stop you from hearing the truth so I invite you to come back on Saturday morning at 6:00. Thank you so much for your support.

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